Managing Eternal Farming

Changing Reward / Bonus reward rate

To change Reward / Bonus reward rate you need to:

  1. Click on Edit on the Reward Rate / Bonus Reward Rate column.

  2. Enter the new rate. Without decimals.

  3. Click on Save

Adding Reward / Bonus reward tokens

To add Reward / Bonus reward tokens you need to:

  1. Click in Add on the Reward / Bonus reward column

  2. Enter the amount of tokens to be added. Without decimals.

  3. Click on Save

How to turn Eternal Farming off?

To turn Eternal Farming off you can set Reward rate and Bonus Reward Rate to 0.

Detaching and Attaching

If you want to cancel your farming and create the new one, you can Detach it.

NFTs and rewards will remain on detached farming.

When farming is being detached, you need to create some way for participants to get their NFTs back, because now they don't see detached farming in UI.

If you accidentally pressed Detach button, don’t worry, as there would be the Attach button.