💡What is Algebra?

Algebra: Empowering Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) with Excellence

Algebra is a B2B project dedicated to providing over 15 decentralized exchanges with cutting-edge V3 and V4 codebases. Our project boasts remarkable achievements:

  • Impressive Statistics: Algebra has facilitated over $20 billion in Cumulative Volume, achieving up to $520 million in 24-hour Trading Volume and managing up to $180 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).

  • Top-tier DEX Protocol: Recognized as the 8th most forked protocol on DeFiLlama, Algebra's DEX Protocol stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

  • Deflationary Ecosystem: We've created a sustainable ecosystem by distributing 70% of integrated DEX fees. Through strategic repurchasing and burning of $ALGB, we actively reduce the circulating supply, fostering a deflationary environment.

  • Unrivaled Modular Architecture: Algebra Integral, our flagship modular architecture, has made its mark via Swapsicle on Mantle & Telos. As the Uniswap V4 Rival, it sets new standards in the industry. Watch out for its upcoming integration with other major players in the field.

Our Approach

At Algebra, we're DeFi enthusiasts on a mission to revolutionize the DEX ecosystem across diverse blockchains. As a DeFi tech team, we've empowered over 60 projects with cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into DEXes, cross-chain protocols, aggregators, and more. Our commitment to progress remains unwavering, even in challenging market conditions. With our strong foundation, we possess the expertise, knowledge, and passion needed to fuel the future of DeFi, bringing innovation each time we come up with something new.

Presently, liquidity is mostly concentrated among a select few players like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, leaving other DEXes at a disadvantage. Algebra's infrastructure is primed to inject innovation into every DEX, fostering healthy competition in the market. Armed with a suite of modern DeFi solutions, we can elevate any DEX on any blockchain, reshaping the landscape.

Our primary goal is clear – revolutionize the DEX market and integrate our technology into as many DEXes as possible, providing our community with $ALGB rewards!

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