Final contract

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
pragma solidity =0.8.20;

import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-core/contracts/interfaces/callback/IAlgebraFlashCallback.sol';

import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/base/PeripheryPayments.sol';
import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/base/PeripheryImmutableState.sol';
import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/libraries/PoolAddress.sol';
import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/libraries/CallbackValidation.sol';
import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/libraries/TransferHelper.sol';
import '@cryptoalgebra/integral-periphery/contracts/interfaces/ISwapRouter.sol';

/// @title Flash contract implementation
/// @notice An example contract using the Algebra flash function
contract PairFlash is IAlgebraFlashCallback, PeripheryImmutableState, PeripheryPayments {
    ISwapRouter public immutable swapRouter;

        ISwapRouter _swapRouter,
        address _factory,
        address _WMATIC,
        address _poolDeployer
    ) PeripheryImmutableState(_factory, _WMATIC, _poolDeployer) {
        swapRouter = _swapRouter;

    /// @param fee0 The fee from calling flash for token0
    /// @param fee1 The fee from calling flash for token1
    /// @param data The data needed in the callback passed as FlashCallbackData from `initFlash`
    /// @notice implements the callback called from flash
    /// @dev fails if the flash is not profitable, meaning the amountOut from the flash is less than the amount borrowed
    function IAlgebraFlashCallback(
        uint256 fee0,
        uint256 fee1,
        bytes calldata data
    ) external override {
        FlashCallbackData memory decoded = abi.decode(data, (FlashCallbackData));
        CallbackValidation.verifyCallback(poolDeployer, decoded.poolKey);

        address token0 = decoded.poolKey.token0;
        address token1 = decoded.poolKey.token1;

        TransferHelper.safeApprove(token0, address(swapRouter), decoded.amount0);
        TransferHelper.safeApprove(token1, address(swapRouter), decoded.amount1);

        // profitable check
        // exactInputSingle will fail if this amount not met
        uint256 amount1Min = decoded.amount1 + fee1;
        uint256 amount0Min = decoded.amount0 + fee0;

        // call exactInputSingle for swapping token1 for token0 in pool
        uint256 amountOut0 =
                    tokenIn: token1,
                    tokenOut: token0,
                    recipient: address(this),
                    deadline: block.timestamp,
                    amountIn: decoded.amount1,
                    amountOutMinimum: amount0Min,
                    sqrtPriceLimitX96: 0

        // call exactInputSingle for swapping token0 for token 1 in pool
        uint256 amountOut1 =
                    tokenIn: token0,
                    tokenOut: token1,
                    recipient: address(this),
                    deadline: block.timestamp,
                    amountIn: decoded.amount0,
                    amountOutMinimum: amount1Min,
                    sqrtPriceLimitX96: 0

        // end up with amountOut0 of token0 from first swap and amountOut1 of token1 from second swap
        uint256 amount0Owed = decoded.amount0 + fee0;
        uint256 amount1Owed = decoded.amount1 + fee1;

        TransferHelper.safeApprove(token0, address(this), amount0Owed);
        TransferHelper.safeApprove(token1, address(this), amount1Owed);

        if (amount0Owed > 0) pay(token0, address(this), msg.sender, amount0Owed);
        if (amount1Owed > 0) pay(token1, address(this), msg.sender, amount1Owed);

        // if profitable pay profits to payer
        if (amountOut0 > amount0Owed) {
            uint256 profit0 = amountOut0 - amount0Owed;

            TransferHelper.safeApprove(token0, address(this), profit0);
            pay(token0, address(this), decoded.payer, profit0);
        if (amountOut1 > amount1Owed) {
            uint256 profit1 = amountOut1 - amount1Owed;
            TransferHelper.safeApprove(token0, address(this), profit1);
            pay(token1, address(this), decoded.payer, profit1);

    struct FlashParams {
        address token0;
        address token1;
        uint256 amount0;
        uint256 amount1;

    struct FlashCallbackData {
        uint256 amount0;
        uint256 amount1;
        address payer;
        PoolAddress.PoolKey poolKey;

    /// @param params The parameters necessary for flash and the callback, passed in as FlashParams
    /// @notice Calls the pools flash function with data needed in `algebraFlashCallback`
    function initFlash(FlashParams memory params) external {
        PoolAddress.PoolKey memory poolKey =
            PoolAddress.PoolKey({token0: params.token0, token1: params.token1});
        IAlgebraPool pool = IAlgebraPool(PoolAddress.computeAddress(poolDeployer, poolKey));
        // recipient of borrowed amounts
        // amount of token0 requested to borrow
        // amount of token1 requested to borrow
        // need amount 0 and amount1 in callback to pay back pool
        // recipient of flash should be THIS contract
                    amount0: params.amount0,
                    amount1: params.amount1,
                    payer: msg.sender,
                    poolKey: poolKey,