algebra token
Algebra’s token and tokenomics

Algebra’s token and tokenomics

The $ALGB token

Algebra’s token is an ERC-20 token created on the Polygon network.

Contract address: 0x0169eC1f8f639B32Eec6D923e24C2A2ff45B9DD6

Name: Algebra

Ticker: ALGB

Total supply: 750,000,000 ALGB

Circulation supply: 331,000,000 ALGB

Decimals: 18

Token is listed on QuickSwap. Main Pair on QuickSwap

Current Token Distribution

CategoryCurrent SupplyStatus
Ecosystem growth196,000,0001 year cliff, 24 month vesting
Treasury Fund + Marketing161,000,00024 months vesting
Team50,000,00025% Unlocked, 25% after 6 months, 25% after 18 months, 25% after 24 months
Advisory 1 Advisory 212,000,00025% Unlocked, 25% after 6 months, 25% after 18 months, 25% after 24 months
Staking (finish at Oct'23)124,806,000Locked
On market206,194,000Unlocked
Total (Mn)750,000,000

Token Utility

  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Yield farming (with partners)


  • Submit proposal - 1% of the supply
  • Proposals for voting - tokenomics’ updates, grants approvals, partnerships, and more.

Treasury Fund used for

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Grants
  • Listings fee


The Algebra Tokenomics is Deflational. Our Protocol gets the fees from every integrated DEX, powered by Algebra. Amount of fees is not fixed, and depends on a DEX tokenomics. Fees depend on the volume, and are collected on a weekly basis:

  • Protocol collects Fees from all the integrated DEXs
  • 30% goes to Operational needs
  • 70% goes to buyback $ALGB on the QuickSwap DEX
  • Protocol distributes the bought $ALGB tokens to Stakers to achieve 15% APR
  • Extra $ALGB (if more than 15%) can be burnt or used as Farming rewards

Algebra Tokenomics